Never lose track of your belongings again!


As we pack your boxes, we take a picture of what is in each box, then assign a number to the box and its image.


You are then able to locate the box for a single item, or you can see what is in the box by viewing your catalog of images.


We can even provide one of our proprietary stacking systems for your boxes so you can retrieve belongings with ease.

It’s your choice:

You will always have access to your belongings. If you choose to store your items at our location, we’ll bring them to you at your request.

Opening multiple boxes to find that one item is now a thing of the past.

You now have several options for  storage:

  • You can store boxes at your home.
  • You can have us transport boxes to your own storage facility.
  • We can store your belongings at our facility.


What is Picture Perfect Storage Solutions?